Apple Made Siri for Minnesotans

by Rich on October 26, 2011

I own many pairs of gloves. With so many weeks of winter, most Minnesotans do. Only one of them allows me to use my iPhone. It’s a really nice pair with a conductive thread pad at the fingertip lets me do basic things when it’s cold: answer a call, start a playlist, launch an app. It’s not fine enough to type, but it beats freezing.

It hit me today, though. Siri was built for me.

Gloves don’t prevent me from hitting the home button. Without the touch gloves, it never mattered. I couldn’t work the unlock slider. (OK, I could work it with my nose, but it looks goofy.)

With Siri, though, I hit the button, I raise the phone, and I’m on fire.

“When’s my next meeting?”

“Where’s the nearest Panera?”

“How much does a ferret weigh?”

All winter long. It’s better than a car with heated seats.

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