I’m a story teller, a tinkerer (everyone calls that a maker now, but tinkerer suits me better), a jack-of-all-trades, a lapsed juggler, and a big nerd. By day, I work in IT security. By night, I write, build things and and scheme.

I write techno-thrillers, which can feel a lot like my regular job with a lot of car chases, fight scenes and international espionage thrown in. I get precious little of those at work. I also write SF/fantasy and YA/middle-grade. I haven’t been, and am not yet close to being published, but it’s a personal goal. As I progress, I’ll share stories as I when I have them good enough to share, along with status and tales of success or abject failure.

I’m fascinated by the growth of ebooks and independent publishing and the effects it’s having on the world of traditional publishing.

I also write about non-writing projects here. A fair amount of security, some general computer related, ham radio, science, electronics, lutherie, wood working, welding, running, triathlon. I don’t have time for all of it, but that just means I don’t do all of it all the time. These projects come in fits and starts, as do posts on those subjects.

I love to hear what you think about any and all of it.