My entry for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: 100 Word on the Subject of Revenge. The challenge was to write a complete revenge tale in no more than 100 words. At the very least, I nailed the word count.

The comments to Chuck’s contest have links to many excellent entries. You should check them out.

* * *

Oscar’s underwear  snapped and he fell from the locker’s hook to the floor. He tried to catch his fall on his arms, but slipped. His nose gave a crack against the wood. He sighed to the empty hall, “That’s it. Today.”

He stuffed wads of tissue into each nostril, then grabbed a plastic hardware store bag from his locker and headed for the Senior’s lot.

He laughed and shot a red wad of paper from his nose when he found Dave’s car unlocked. Crawling in and onto the floor, Oscar brushed contact cement onto the bottom of the gas pedal.

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  • ds_02

    I like this guy.

  • Rich Friedeman

    He does bring a bit of a smile to my face.

  • A.E. Arcangioli

    Terrible guy, reads like a scene from a movie.  nice

  • Author Lindsay Mawson

    Uh oh!!!

    Good job!

  • Dee Martin

    After the chess story I had to check out this one too – you have a definite gift for the wicked twist.  Loved this!