Final Round

I’ve again tackled the Weekly Wendig Write-off. This one is up to 100 words using three of five random words he tossed out.


I twitched my tongue and moved my lollipop to the other side of my mouth, sighing. “Your move, Bob.”

He could tell he’d won, but he wasn’t rash. Bob checked the board carefully, then nodded. “Checkmate,” he said, lifting the bishop. He placed it, the felt pad softening the the crack of wood on wood.

I focused on the piece he still held and rubbed my thumb and index finger together, feeling my power kindle. The black bishop burst into a piercing white glow. Blisters bubbled up Bob’s arm, his skin smoking.

I stood. “Good game, Bob, but bad move.”

  • Michael Stuart Trimmer

    Unexpected…nice…I see the influence of “Scanners” in this one very clearly. Nice work.

  • Author Lindsay Mawson

    Hey… neat! I wasn’t expecting that, either! The MC seems nice and complacent and then bang! I want to know who he is! Good job.

  • Oldestgenxer

    Chess is a vicious game.

  • Dee Martin

    Awesome twist lol – now I know why I’ve never cared for the game…

  • Jo Eberhardt

    Nice. Although I have to admit that my first thought was actually: What a bad loser!

    I love the way it just came out of nowhere, but was done in such a matter-of-fact way.